Early Graboid Tests

These five clips are from the earliest footage taken of the tentacles built by Amalgamated Dynamics for Tremors.

The original footage was 16mm silent film, shot with Ron Underwood's own camera (from his educational film days). We shot it in the parking lot of ADI's original facility in the San Fernando Valley, using a table and a chunk of fake brick wall and co-producer SS Wilson as monster bait.

As you will see, the test tentacle isn't even completely finished. The mechanism is covered with cloth, but doesn't have its latex skin yet. At this phase, the team wanted to see what the tentacles could do, and to see if any reworking might be required before "suiting them up." They are still among the best tentacles ever built for movies, giving us a lot of very accurate, creepy movement.

Video clips taken from early graboid tests

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