Early Graboid Tests


SEE terrifying mock-up tentacle grab S. S. Wilson's face! (This tentacle was fitted with a quickly done foam mock-up head.) We always knew we'd have to use every trick in the filmmaker's book to make our movie for the low budget ($11,000,000); and this is one of the oldest: running the film backward. In other words, the shot actually started with the tentacle already pushing against SS Wilson's face. He wriggled in agony for a moment, then the tentacle was quickly pulled away. When the film is run backward (as it is in the clip) the tentacle seems to race across the table and "grab" Wilson's face. The reason we did this was to save time on the set. Each tentacle had up to four operators, each pulling two levers. It was very hard for them to coordinate their activity well enough to hit a specific target. So it was easier, and faster, to shoot certain shots in reverse. If your movie player has the ability, you can manually run the action backward and get an idea how it actually looked when we were shooting.
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