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By Writer/Director S.S. Wilson

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Questions about Tremors
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Questions about Tremors

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When everyone discovers the Graboid tentacle attached underneath Earl/Val’s truck, what/why
does Burt throw something underneath the truck next to him?

In Tremors 1, it looks like we see eggs among the internal organs of one of the blown up
Graboids - are they eggs?

How did we get the station wagon under the ground in Tremors?

What is old Fred growing in his garden?

Who was the adult guardian of Melvin in Tremors?

What kind of truck did Earl drive in Tremors and Tremors 2: Aftershocks?

Was it just coincidence that the university had students monitoring seismic activity in the
valley, or was someone at the University expecting a hatching?

Here's a major one. You fans have done it again. In his T-3 town meeting briefing, Burt says
the Graboids are moving down from the North, "just like last time." But in a chat room
discussion forwarded to S.S. Wilson, some fans point out that in fact, all the early Graboid
victims in T-1 are South of Perfection, i.e., between Perfection and Bixby!

n Tremors 1, why didn't the townspeople just take truck Rhonda's to the base of the jeep trail?
With the trail being a mountain path, the Graboids wouldn't be able to follow, and the people
could walk safely to Bixby. I know the real answer is that it would just kill the whole movie
plot, but what's the "creative" reason?

When they are stranded on the rock at the end, is the cannon Burt refers to the same one Hiram
obtained in Tremors 4?

What is that dang elephant gun Burt uses to kill the Graboid in his basement?

How did Fred Ward come by that Alumax Industries hat?

What model bolt-action rifles do Burt and Heather shoot the tentacles with? 

A friend asked me, “Why didn't the Graboid scream when it regurgitated the bomb that landed on
the other bombs?”  I said its probably because he knew the bombs hurt his seismic sensors and
took cover then returned to the food. 

Were swear words cut out or “looped” (replaced) in the original Tremors to get the PG 13

Val and Earl say at the end that Burt gave them the new
tires for the Jeep, but how did they mount them on the rims?
 They couldn't use rims Burt had since Jeep rims don't match
his Chevy rims.  Chevy has six holes and Jeeps had/have five
holes. Perfection doesn’t seem to have a garage where they
could do tire changes and stuff.

Can you tell us more about Burt and Heather's backgrounds? Was Burt Ex-Army? 

What is "Burt" short for? Perhaps, "Bertram"?

At the end of Tremors 1 why is Fred Ward's character credited as Earl Bass not Basset?

What was Burt and Heather's age intended to be in Tremors? 

What kept the Graboids from diving deep below the floor of Perfection Valley and emerging at
the bottom of the "Cliffs to the North"?

What exactly were those construction workers doing when they were killed by Graboids?  Burying
phone lines? 

Do the characters of Tremors all have last names?  What's Nestor's?  The Doctor's?  Old Fred's?

Are Val and Earl related in any way? 

What happened to the 8 gauge elephant gun (actually a Darne shotgun) Burt used to kill the
Graboid in his basement? 

How did you come up with the name, Burt Gummer?  Was it possibly an homage to the Charlton
Heston's RoBERT Neville, in "OMEGA MAN"?

Burt’s gun wall:  Exactly how many weapons does he have on that wall?  Could you please name
them all? 

In Tremors 1, what were Bert and his wife mixing in their
basement with that machine that attracted the graboids? 
Something to do with making their own bullets but what

After Tremors 1, what exactly happened? Did [the town]
automatically start attracting tourists?  And when did Jodi
move in and fix things up? 

Is it possible you guys can convince Universal to release a
new Blu ray release of Tremors with a remastered transfer?
The transfer on the current Blu ray is HORRIBLE. (this
review really sums it up Also,
if they ever release a new release Tremors, ever consider
doing an audio commentary for the film? 

How come Burt wears an Atlanta Hawks hat

Toward the end, why didn't the townspeople just jump into
Rhonda's truck and drive it to the base of the Jeep trail? 
With the trail being a mountain path, the Graboids wouldn't
be able to follow, and they could just walk to Bixby.  I
know the real answer is that it would just kill the whole
movie plot, but what's the "creative" reason?

How many people do the Graboids kill in Tremors 1? 

In the opening scene when Kevin Bacon is taking a whiz over
the edge of the cliff, and the ending scene where they run
full tilt [toward} the same spot, are they really at the
edge of a cliff, or is it special effects? 


What’s the song playing when Val and Earl are trying to
clean out Melvin’s septic tank?

Who provided the movie clothing in Tremors, specifically for
Val and Earl.  I noticed a lot of western wear.  And where
did Val get that awesome belt buckle!  Was it specially made
for the movie or can it be purchased?

What has Finn Carter been doing lately?  Also, if you ever
get permission from Universal to make Tremors 5, would she
be in it?


How come the tentacle on their truck is not seen when they
drive away from the hillside where "Stumpy" grabbed their

How did Rhonda, after grabbing the lighter out of her
pocket, catch up to Val and Earl, since they had been
running full tilt for 14 seconds? 

In the beginning of the movie Val and Earl are putting up a
barbed wire fence. I was wondering if the multiple attempts
to hit the nail was planned or if he missed that many times
on purpose. 
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