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By Writer/Director S.S. Wilson

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Questions about Tremors 5
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Questions about Tremors 5

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If Universal won't make Tremors 5 as a direct-to-video due to changes in the market place, any
chance of producing it to sell directly over the Internet?

With Tremors 5 looking like a no go, can you reveal to us the ABs egg laying process? 

Can we see the script for Tremors 5? 

Has anyone tried pitching the idea for Tremors 5 as a 3D movie? A Graboid's tongue/tentacles
are just asking for the 3D treatment. Then there's Burt's gun barrel - pointing right into the
audience... Or, what about using new technology to convert the existing franchise to 3D, as
Lucas is doing with Star Wars? 

{Here's another fan's take on the 3D approach.]

In order to get Tremors 5 made, how about pitching it as a 3D movie?  How about turning the
first four movies into 3D as George Lucas is doing with Star Wars?

Were you planning to kill off any more regular Tremors characters in Tremors 5? 

Was Tremors 5 going to be another one featuring some distant relative of Burt, or good ol' Burt

Was there any truth to the net rumors (ca 2008) about the Tremors 5 script being resurrected
for production? 

Is Tremors 5 coming out in December????  I saw it on IMDB!!!
 Will it be in theaters?  Is there
a trailer yet? 

Fans report a net rumor that Tremors: The Series grew out of
Tremors 5 -- or that they are the same thing.  What's

You say on your site that Universal aren't interested in
either making Tremors 5 OR in converting to 3D, which I also
think is a great idea.  So the obvious question, I suppose,
is have you considered approaching a DIFFERENT distributor
to see if they will commission a Tremors 5? I guess there
must be a reason why not or presumably you'd already have
done it so what's the story on this please?

Have you considered crowd-sourcing as a way of doing Tremors
5? Kickstarter or Indigogo, for example?

Can you reveal the title of the script for Tremors 5?.  Or,
was the title just Tremors 5?  Iím wondering because Tremors
2-4 each had a subtitle after the main title. 

Have you considered crowd sourcing to get it funded, then
releasing it for "free" as a fan film? Notice the quotes?
You give it away free with purchase of official Tremors 1-4
memorabilia, thatís what they did for Star Trek: Of Gods and
Men. ST:OGAM was made by the Roddenberry family and well
known star trek actors. As they were not making money off
the film itself, but instead reselling official products
with the DVD being added to all orders as a free gift, they
were allowed to distribute it freely from a simple low
budget web store. They eventually put ST:OGAM on youtube for
all to watch when they were ready to move on to their next
movie Star Trek: Renegades currently in production. 
Producing Tremors 5 this way would place the movie outside
the official cannon, but extended cannon is just as
important to fans as official cannon, especially if official
cannon has no further continuity. 

If Tremors 5 is ever made (I'm still hopeful!) are you
planning to put a few of the recurring characters from the
TV show (Tyler, Larry etc) in it or from past film. 

Since Universal sees so little value in Tremors, has anyone
considered attempting to buy the rights from them (much like
Vin Diesel did with Riddick)? 

Could you tell us one major event that would have occurred
in Tremors 5?


Are the latest rumors about Tremors 5 true? October, 2014 
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