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Postby webmaster » Fri Jul 23, 2004 5:33 pm

Well Tremors fans, again the information I get through official channels is incorrect or non-existent. In my last update I said that the cable premier of T4: The Legend Begins would be in July but I did not go into specifics because even though I was told it would be on USA Network I did not see it listed in their schedule. What appears to have happened is that SciFi has gotten first dibs on the release. It now looks like the cable premier will be Saturday July 24th. on SciFi. In fact July 24th looks like quite a Tremors marathon, SciFi will be airing Tremors II, III and IV. That is ten hours of back-to-back Tremors films. Not a record for SciFi but still quite impressive. Also look for repeats of Tremors 4 on SciFi on 7/27, 8/15 and 9/15. Be sure to check your local listings for details.

USA Network will still air Tremors 4 but it looks like they are going to air it August 20th in their own Tremors Marathon. They will be running Tremors 3 and 4 back to back at two different times so that is another 8 hours of Tremors viewing pleasure.

Also of note is the August 24th release of Tremors 4 on VHS. You might not be able to find it at your local video store on the 24th so you may want to simply pre-order it here:

Now, with all of the news out of the way I would like to ask for just a couple of minutes of your time to assist us in getting a more accurate picture of who the Tremors fans are who visit our site. Please click on the link below and take a quick anonymous survey.
This information gives us some good information to present to sponsors and we need a bunch of responses to make it statistically accurate so please take a couple of minutes to support our web site.

That is it for now Tremors fans, enjoy the 18 plus hours of Tremors programming in the next month!

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