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Postby webmaster » Fri Jul 23, 2004 5:15 pm

Dear Tremors Fans,

We have just received the following list of foreign release dates for Tremors 4: The Legend Begins.

Italy - 04/07/04
Great Britain - 04/19/04
Australia - 04/21/04
Belgium - 04/27/04
Netherlands - 04/27/04
Hungary - 05/04/04
Portugal - 05/06/04
Spain - 05/12/04
Germany - 05/13/04
Brazil - 05/19/04
Czech Republic - 05/24/04
Japan - 05/28/04
Mexico - 06/18/04
Denmark - 07/28/04
Finland - 07/28/04
Norway - 07/28/04
Sweden - 07/28/04
France - TBA

Given this new information we have opted to reschedule the eBay auction of the Tremors 4 bicycle until our many loyal fans in the UK and Australia have gotten a chance to see the film in April.
You will find full details on this at our news page, http://www.stampede-entertainment.com/news.html

We are moving our site to a new web server next week and have opted not to take our old FanTalk message board system with us. The fanTalk section of our site will be shut down for about a week while we move and get the new FanTalk system up and running. None of the posts or user account information will be transferred to the new system so FanTalk users you might want to review the old board one last time before it goes away.

That is it for now Tremors fans, talk to you again soon.

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