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Postby webmaster » Fri Jul 23, 2004 5:10 pm

Dear Tremors fans,

We have a bunch of news today. First let me comment that the January 2nd. US Release of Tremors 4: The Legend Begins has been a big success. I do not have any sales statistics from Universal Studios yet but we have been flooded with fan comments and I have yet to hear anything negative about the film. Many of your comments have noted this film to be as good as if not better than the original. Thanks so much for all your comments, keep them coming. We love to hear from you!

We have heard about issues with getting Tremors 4 in some areas. Local retailers and even Amazon seem to have this as a special order item with delayed delivery dates. If you are having problems getting a copy please let us know and we will pass your concerns on to Universal Studios. For those of you outside the US we do not have a list of foreign release dates. Sorry, but this is information which is extremely hard to come by for some reason. All we can recommend is that you check with your local video store and see if they have heard what the release date will be for your area.

There is no news from SciFi regarding the second season of Tremors The Series. We have been getting tons of letters from fans on this subject too and we appreciate your support. Many of you ask us to bring the series back and please understand that this is outside of our control. SciFi made the decision to take the series off the air so SciFi is where you should communicate your desire to see the series continue. Many of you have also asked about getting the first season of the series on DVD and again same answer. We are not the ones who can make that decision. Be sure to let SciFi know of your desire to purchase the first season on DVD.

Here is the big news for today! You could be the proud owner of the bicycle ridden by Michael Gross in Tremor 4. For the film we had a one-of-a-kind replica bicycle made. It is a reproduction of a classic 1886 Rover Safety Cycle. In February this unique prop bicycle will be auctioned on eBay along with an autographed photo of Michael Gross riding the bicycle. Be sure to watch for your next Stampede email news letter, it will probably contain the auction start date.

Have you played Dirt Dragons lately? There have been a few minor changes made to the game since it was first released a month ago. The current version is 3.2w (look in the about the game menu for the version information) so if you have downloaded an older version please go back to dirtdragons.com and get a new copy. There have been a couple of math errors corrected which could affect you score and kids we have added scoring categories for every age from one through eighteen.

Fans are always curious about what weapons were used in Tremors films so for Tremors 4 we opted to make it easy for you considering researching 100 year old weapons is somewhat more difficult than the study of present day weapons. You can now find a complete list of Tremors 4 weapons at our Tremors 4 fan page.

Writer/Director S.S. Wilson has surfaced briefly and sent in may long awaited answers to your questions from the Ultimate Tremors FAQ. Be sure to check out the Tremors FAQ to see all the latest questions answered by the director himself. (Where else in Hollywood could you find a Directory answering fan questions like this?)

Looking over the web statistics for our server I was somewhat surprised to she how many hundreds of people have been looking at the Easter eggs hidden in our home page. Have you been one of the curious people who have found them? S.S. Wilson was so impressed with the numbers that he had come up with a bunch more secret Stampede facts. There are currently 37 little known Tremors fact hidden in the page, many of them are not published anywhere else on our site. Can you find them?

That is all the Tremors news for right now. Look for your next email update from us in a couple of weeks with more information about the Tremors 4 bicycle auction.

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