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Postby webmaster » Fri Jul 23, 2004 4:57 pm

Dear Tremors Fans,

Are you up for the greatest Tremors challenge ever? Saddle up your horse and ride to Rejection Nevada for a wild west shootout you will not soon forget. Enter the world of Tremors 4: The Legend Begins by playing our great new Tremors game, Dirt Dragons.


See how long you can survive against Dirt Dragons with only the weapons available to you in 1889? Learn the capabilities and limitations of each of the weapons you have at your disposal and then start shooting. See how many Dirt Dragons can you kill! When you get a score you are proud of submit it to our worldwide scoreboard. Kids match their score to others kids from around the world and adults match their score with other adults in their geographic area. The race is on this Christmas season to see who can be the top 100 Dirt Dragon killers in their category.

Feel free to download Dirt Dragons and play it off-line, load it on your local area network, E-mail it to your friends or post it to your web site. This is a good chance to get involved and show Universal Studios your support for the Tremors films. The success of Tremors 4 could have a bearing on future Tremors films and Dirt Dragons will be a great tool for letting people know about the film. Be sure to share Dirt Dragons with your friends, classmates or coworkers. For those of you who frequent chat rooms, news groups or forums be sure to post message about Dirt Dragons or upload the game file where appropriate.

Universal Studio now has a trailer available for Tremors 4: The Legend Begins. Be sure to check it out.

The SciFi channel is definitely making this a great Christmas with a Tremors Marathon December 26th. First up, all thirteen Tremors The Series episodes aired back-to-back in their original play order. After that, hang in there for Tremors 2 and Tremors 3. That is seventeen straight hours of Tremors programming folks! That must be some kind of SciFi channel record!

That is it for now Tremors Fans, enjoy playing Dirt Dragons.

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