My Favourite Quotes are:

What is your favorite Stampede movie quite

Do you want to see Tremors 5?

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My Favourite Quotes are:

Postby stephaniemxx » Thu Sep 02, 2010 10:20 am


"Stupid son of a bitch, knocked itself cold" Earl

"God damn Bitch...Pardon my french...Shit, its been waiting hre al this time?" Earl

"Sure why dont you take a little stroll and find out?" Val

"Goddammit Melvin, if you dont knock it off you're gonna be shitting this basketball..." Earl


"God damn words dont cut you any slack" Earl

"I dont know Shit!" Earl

"Somethings wrong with our worm Earl!" Brady

"I've done this before, hiding on a roof why a bunch of monsters try to eat us, and i did not like it" Earl

*shrieker shrieks* *Brady shireks back* Brady

There u go, i'll be honest there werent many quirky quotes after these two bad boys... Come on Stampede, WE WANT TREMORS 5
>>God Damn Words Dont Cut You Any Slack<<

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