Dean Norris on Breakin' Bad

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Dean Norris on Breakin' Bad

Postby LadyNRA » Sat Jul 26, 2008 9:37 am

For fans of Dean Norrs (Twitchell), he is costarring in the AMC series Breakin' Bad. It has only had aobut 7 episodes for the first season but got great reviews so it's definitely seeing another season. Dean plays a macho aggressive gung-ho DEA agent (yeah, another gov't agent) but you see more of the character. In some ways he's a cross between Burt (loves his job and his guns and busting the bad guys) and Twitchell (the family guy who also is close to his sister's family). Catch his videoblogs too. I always knew Dean had a sense of humor but these video blogs show it. In one you get to see his kids. I'm guessing they are his real kids because they are young (I know his first son was a born around the time of Tremors), they are blond like him. But he still plays it up like he's Hank Schrader, the character. And there are a few others that are good for chuckles too, especially when he's trying to find the appropriate gun for Hank to use.

For those of you who remember him from the series, he's looking good. Hasn't aged, and he's lost weight. Stocky enough to give him that no-nonsense look the character needs, but lean enough to be more active.

Personally, I'm thrilled to see him in another series!!!
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