Tremors 5 - Return of the Graboyd's or Dragons

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Tremors 5 - Return of the Graboyd's or Dragons

Postby KCChiefs05 » Tue Dec 20, 2005 1:02 am

Well before I waste everyones time.. You gotta get back everyone cause this has to be the TREMORS OF TREMORS... were talkin Giant Worms and little walking heat seekers.


Starring: Michael Gross As (Burt Gummer) ALL STAR; Hall of Fame

Fred Ward As (Earl Bassett) Has to be in it!

Christopher Gartin As (Grady Hoover) - MONEY LOVING GRADY $$$

Helen Shaver As (Kate White Reilly) M.I.L.F

Also Starring:
Kevin Bacon As (Valentine McKee) Ran out on #2

Rhonda LeBeck As (Finn Carter) Like wise

Now I know this wouldn't ever happen even if cows could fly... But I can dream... But if your gonna end something great... END IT WITH A BANG!!!
"In China no one shoots at WALL!!" "In China no one has gun!" ROFLMAO

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