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Postby webmaster » Mon Nov 01, 2004 9:10 pm

Dear Tremors fans,

It is time for another quick update. Unfortunately there is nothing new to report in the development of more Stampede film projects but we do have a couple of new web site updates for you to take a look at.

S.S. Wilson took the time to answer a number of fan Questions. There are answers to at least 18 new questions since the last update so be sure to check it out.

This next update has been what seems like months in the making. If you follow our FanTalk forum (http://www.stampede-entertainment.com/fantalk) you are probably aware of the debate regarding the exact layout of Burt’s Basement and certain discrepancies which have crept in over the years.

Much of the confusion revolves around the fact that a full floor plan was never drawn and over the years only sections of the basement were ever built and used at one time. Since and entire basement has never really existed it is impossible to take a panorama photograph to really get a feel for what it looks like. Add to that the small changes that took place given the number of years the movies and series spanned and the number of different directors who have worked on the project and it is no shock that there would be a little confusion about some of the details.

Dedicated Tremors fan C. Martin, the founder of the original Burt’s Basement web site and now http://www.burt-gummer.info has stepped up to the plate and not only heavily researched the issue but developed a detailed floor plan and several 3D renderings to better illustrate the layout of Burt’s Basement as seen in the TV series. Director S.S. Wilson has looked over the layout and deemed it to be accurate although keep in mind that due to his heavy writing schedule he was never on the series set in person himself.

Take a look and see what you think:

An interesting thing to note when you look over this floor plan is that several of the rooms are postulated to exist but we have yet to see them in a Tremors film. Be sure to stop by and give us your feedback in FanTalk

That is it for this addition of our Email update. Thanks so much for your support of our films!

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