My handle has been hijacked!

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My handle has been hijacked!

Postby Action_Burt » Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:21 am

Argh. Just wanted to let my fellow Perfectionists know that if you do any web searches for "Action Burt" on the internet, you're likely to find this site: which is NOT me. It's a GI JOE/Action Man customizer who specializes in flocking (adding hair) to action figures. While I myself am a Joe customizer, I use the moniker of "Figures of Fortune" for my Joe endeavors. I had chosen "Action Burt" so many years ago because Action Man is the British version of GI JOE and it just sounded good, as my two hobbies at the time were GI JOE collecting and Tremors.

By the way, I still lurk here at least once a week, so a shout out to all my old Tremors pals!

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