A little video

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A little video

Postby B Alvarius » Wed Aug 13, 2008 6:46 am

Since there seems to be no new Tremors movies in the offing we are left to create our own. Here is my offering.


Poor Burt, if he had only fed the Ass Blaster!

Flying across the countryside, these winged metamorphosed denizens of the deep carry their cargo of doom propelled by a bad night of beans.

Ever wonder what they see?

Heat vision helps not only find prey but the hot springs so crucial to Graboid egg incubation.

This natural history footage, some recorded from specially implanted neural electrodes in captured Ass Blasters, was recorded at the Graboid preserve in the San Simon Valley in the boot heel of New Mexico. Bounded by the 10,000 ft. Chiricahua Mountains on the west and the Peloncillo Mountains on the east, a large volcanic field at the south end prevents the escape of Graboids into Mexico (most of the time). The only possible escape from this remote 320 square mile valley is to the north which was ingeniously blocked by the Federal government with an expressway concealing a special Graboid barrier extending deep into the alluvial basin, similar to Bert’s. The American Museum of Natural History maintains a research facility, the Southwest Research Station, in Cave Creek canyon devoted to ecological studies which doubles as the worlds premier Graboid research laboratory. The tiny town of Rodeo sits in the middle of the valley and maintains its lone Graboid lookout station disguised as a cylindrical water tower, manned and ready to warn residents of approaching Graboids. Large buildings can be seen in satellite imagery clustered north of town. These auxiliary research facilities are Graboid laboratories where whole animals are brought for study. Exploring the life cycle of these unique creatures is the goal of scientists studying Graboids in the San Simon preserve (SSP). The resemblance of Graboids to Drosophila larvae suggests that these creatures may be evolutionarily related to insects and the ability to metamorphose supports this hypothesis.

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