FAQ questions about Dirt Dragons

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FAQ questions about Dirt Dragons

Postby webmaster » Mon Jun 28, 2004 9:37 am

Here are a few questions and answers regarding Dirt Dragons.

Q. Is the Dirt Dragons game free to download?
A. Yes, Enjoy

Q. Can it be used on an old windows 95 or 98 computer?
A. You will need Flash installed on the machine but yes it should work. You may find performance a bit lacking though on a machine with less than abut a 600 mhz cpu. When you get up to fighting 3 or 4 dragons at once the game will probably stall out and restart or get very jerky. One time I fired a full six shots from my Colt Peacemaker point blank into a Dirt Dragon but the game stalled and the shots didn't come out until after the dragon ducked back down. A slow PC can be a bit annoying in that situation.

Q. Can it fit on a regular floppy disk?
A. Yes, no problem. Give a copy to all your friends!

Q. Why can't I record a high score from my downloaded copy of Dirt Dragons.
A. The download option exists so you can share Dirt Dragons with your friends and play it any time without the need to connect to the Internet. To record a high score you will need to play the game connected to the internet and the game will need to be loaded from one of the official host sites.

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