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Virtual Perfection Valley?

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 5:40 am
by Action_Burt
Years ago, I used a 3d home designer program to map burt's basement- it's here on the Stampede site still. But now I've found a way to do the entire town of Perfection...

The first person shooter game Far Cry 3 has a free map editor that allows you to create your own maps for multiplay online. I have it on xbox, but could be persuaded to get it for PC if there was enough interest.

I'm envisioning building the entire Perfection Valley- at least the central part around the town. Using existing models, it could come out pretty close. There's no shriekers, graboids, etc to populate the map with, but you can put in komodo dragons, bears, leopards, tigers, crocs, or rabid dogs. As well as prey animals.

This might be a fun way to have a virtual mini con- build the town, then as many as 16 folks could wander around and talk. And, by sharing the map online, different folks could contribute to the design.

The most ambitious use though would be to modify the game and include graboids, shrikers, etc. That's beyond my skill set, but maybe there are some enterprising gamers out there that would be interested.

If anyone is interested in this, shoot me a pm or post here. I will be building Perfection in th xbox version for fun, but it'll probably take me a month.