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Unofficial Gummer's Graboid Guidebook?

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:44 am
by Action_Burt
Anybody interested in a Print-on-Demand Episode guide? I started such a project a few years ago, but when the series didn't come out on DVD, I stopped working on it.

I still have a ton of files, pictures etc. and managed to find all my old Burt's Basement webpages. I have also been able to recover and preserve most of the Scifi Channel's webpage.

I could rebuild this as a site, but there's also, which allows you to format and upload a book for printing on demand.

I don't believe there's enough fans to make this a for-profit venture, and as the "writer" I can dictate the price. If anyone wants a hardcopy of Tremors the Series, let me know, I'll upload to Lulu and provide a link to purchase a hard copy.

I believe that Fair Use will allow this, due to the discussion/critique of the project.

I know that Lulu wants their costs for printing, but I can't see this costing all that much. Seems like the best option, as I doubt more than a dozen of us would want a hard copy anyway.