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Homemade Series DVD/VCD cases/covers

Postby Mitsukara » Wed Jan 12, 2005 2:27 am

Recently, I have begun work on some Tremors: The Series DVD case papers. They're not done, possibly far from, but the idea is that they can be printed (once I size them properly to do so), then inserted in the plastic film on a standard black-plastic thick DVD case (5-packs can be bought at Wal Mart for about $4 a piece).

However, because of the different kinds of copies running around, there are a few difficulties determining the episode order/names I should include on a disc. Perhaps if ActionBurt gets the go-ahead to send a few DVD sets to people, I could coordinate and make some cases designed to match the design of his DVDs so they could be included with the sets or something. As it is, though, I should be obtaining a set of video CDs in the near future, with one episode on each disc. If these MPEG2 discs can be played in my DVD player as I suspect they can, or if I can create similar ones that do, then my plan is something like this:

Buy a package of standard/normal DVD cases, as few as possible, using one for Feeding Frenzy
Buy a package or two, howver many I need, of double-DVD cases from OfficeMax or similar. These are designed like the above cases but have prongs for two DVDs/CDs to be held in one case.
Print all 7 papers and put one in each case, with two discs per case except for Feeding Frenzy, which is stored in the normal case.

This is why I only designed an inside flap for Feeding Frenzy (that and the fact hat I was running out of promotion pictures). Perhaps for DVD cases I could work something out, though, like using viible versions of the pictures I used ont he back that are so covered-up that you can barely see them.

ActionBurt's plan for his DVDs, as I understand it, involves making 7 discs, all with two episodes each- instead of one cut off by itself, including a second copy of episode 4/Hit and Run on the final disc with episode 13, The Key. Perhaps, then, I could design cases to match that pairing- wouldn't be too difficult consdirng that most of the superimposure, I stll have cut out so I could redo it, and I have backups from various points in the making that would allow for some minor editing. And then I could also make the inside papers mentioned above.

Anyway, I started making these perhaps a little prematurely, so I might do some heavy editing or even completely remake them. Any suggestions, questions, comments, or any more pictures or ideas you can provide would be extremely helpful! I am looking for input! These are a work-in-progress, and I would really like to try to make them something other people could use, and not just me.

As another note, you probably noticed the weird purple "Video CD" logos. I took these from my old official VCD copies of the Back to the Future movies, and am using them because my copies will (I think) be VCDs and probably not true DVDs. However, these logos are one of the easiest things to remove, so when I'm actually done I want to make copies that have the VCD logo and copies that have a DVD logo, and you can use whichever you prefer/applies to you. In fact, almost all the logos were last-minute and I have backups that do not have them, so they can be manipulated thoroughly.

Again, any suggestions, ideas, promotional pictures I don't have that could be used somewhere on the cases, questions you have, or anything would be appreciated and could possibly help me out somehow. So by all means, feel free to add input as you see fit.

Also, any help in precisely sizing these pictures and how to print them to the appropriate size would be greatly appreciated!

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