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Tremors 5?

Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 7:24 am
by rawen100
Just last week I posted a thread about there being a possible Tremors reboot. Now it seems much more likely that a Tremors 5 is happening, and being shot pretty soon. ... eboot.html

Not going to lie, this is my own blog post, but I haven't seen anyone else report on it, and considering I got an e-mail from Stampede Entertainment themselves saying that it is a "Tremors 5" that is being discussed at Universal I deemed it appropriate.

So what do you think? A 2015 sequel written by S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock starring Michael Gross? Sounds a lot better to me than just another reboot by a crappy director.

Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 4:07 am
by project412
Bringing back the great folks at Stampede and Michael Gross would definitely be the best thing to happen to this project, assuming it ever gets off the ground.