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six degrees to bacon
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tremors five wish

Postby six degrees to bacon » Sun Dec 30, 2012 8:41 am

im 30 yrs old now.when tremors came out when i was a kid i loved was my favorite movie growing that im older i still love the cult classics of the whole series.i was lucky enough to find the tremors attack pack containing all 4 movies at wal-mart for only five dollars...i was stuned i got it for so cheap,but happy as wish is that they make a tremors five and bring back all the remaining survivors of the three movies.the cast would be kevin bacon, vals girl,fred ward,michael gross,reba mcentire,christopher gartin(ogrady)helen shaver,shawn christian,susan chuang and the mother and daughter,cant remember thier names at the moment...but this would be the best tremors movie ever.i would love for this to sure a good tremors reunion movie would peak everyone elses intrest also and would make big bucks for the movie makers..i hope they look at these messages. :D
tremors is the best series ever
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Postby project412 » Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:52 pm

Would be awesome, but unfortunately not very likely.

At this point, if it happens, I'd at least like to see the current gang of characters return: Burt, Jodi, Tyler, Nancy, Rosalita, and Larry. Maybe even a cameo from Cletus, if they can get Christopher Lloyd to do a cameo! ;D
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Postby summerskies » Mon Jul 15, 2013 3:41 pm

I hate that Tremors 5 hasn't been made. It kills me that the good movies can't get made :( My son was introduced to tremors when he was eleven years old and now he's sixteen and watches all the movies and also the TV series all on DVD from time to time and loves them. It would be great if a new generation of kids could see Tremors 5 along with us old heads. :)
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Why Bacon?

Postby GreenStripe » Mon Jul 15, 2013 11:19 pm

I also wish that the franchise would continue, but why does everyone say that Kevin Bacon needs to come back? Sure I'd love to see where Val, Earl and Grady have all ended up, I always love to see more Burt, and I love the entire cast of the series and would love to see where they are now as well. Hell! I even wouldn't mind a movie that continues the story of Hiram and Juan; did they ever encounter more dirt-dragons, or even their insidious brood [shriekers]? One of the blessings of this franchise is its focus on developing realistic (if somewhat eccentric) characters, but a lot of time has passed and many of the actors have moved on and are getting older. We'd be lucky to get even Michael Gross back at this point. Why limit ourselves by pining for particular actors or characters. Even though a fifth film wouldn't feel right without some connection to earlier casts, we might have to accept an entirely new cast if another sequel ever gets made. What matter most to a Tremors flick isn't whether or not Kevin Bacon is in it, but whether or not the same themes, humor and splattered monster guts are there. Just give me a community in the middle of nowhere facing a monstrous threat that is constantly learning and changing as the townsfolk come together desperately and try to do what they can with what they got, through in some funny moments, a couple of great one liners and a ton of monster guts, and I'm happy. After all, that is what the heart of a Tremors film is all about.

But, if I could make a wish, I would wish to see Burt and Twitchell in it as well. They are my favorite characters and they make a fun pairing. The scenario writes itself, Burt is sent in to do his thing, and Twitchell is sent along to keep Burt from blowing up more than he's supposed to.
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