A Day After Christmas Story

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A Day After Christmas Story

Postby project412 » Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:46 pm

[also posted on Tremors Underground]

OK, so the year was 2003. It was a great year, as there was the Tremors TV Series and I bought Tremors 2 on VHS that year. For Christmas I received Tremors 1 and 3 on VHS. I remember being so happy! My parents were, too, because they wouldn't have to keep hearing me say how much I want to buy the movies. Anyways, the day after Christmas, SciFi was playing a Tremors marathon, which included all 13 episodes and Tremors 2 and 3. As I was watching, while my parents were still in bed, I saw this commercial for a movie none other than Tremors 4: The Legend Begins. i remember running down the hall, tripping and falling, getting back up, and running into my parents room, waking them up to let them know the good news. They were surprised, since just the day before I received the last two I needed. Then I realized that it was only being sold on DVD, so thanks to Tremors 4 my family bought our first DVD player. I remember walking into the store, Strawberrys (now FYE), to buy the movie, and saw that it was only available in a two pack with Tremors 1 for $30. Still, the Tremors fan that I am, willingly payed the money for what would become, at the time, the best movie I have ever seen.

Unfortunately, I don't have my VHS copy of Tremors 1 anymore, I sold it after getting the DVD. I still have 2 and 3 on VHS after getting the DVDs last year.

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