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Tremors on IMDb

Postby Earl_Bassett » Sun Sep 21, 2008 3:38 pm

Am I the only one whose pleasantly surprised about Tremors rating on IMDb? It currently has a whooping 7.1 rating. Link:

Movies like this just don't usually have these kind of ratings, they are usually around 5-6 at best, I'm so glad to see Tremors getting some well-earned respect on the internet.

If you haven't already, vote a 10 for Tremors, maybe we can get this baby up to 7.2 or even higher! :wink:
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Postby rawen100 » Mon Sep 22, 2008 3:40 am

Just voted for a 10. ;)
Didn't remember the rating beeing so high.
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Postby Ather » Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:25 am

4 Movies and a TV Series can't be wrong.

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