An idea I had last night about story...

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An idea I had last night about story...

Postby AtlantaMike » Mon Jun 07, 2004 5:18 pm

I had an idea last night while at work (12-hour shifts can make your mind wander) for a story plot. It can tie into established plot devices from the series already. Burt now knows for certain there is a lab hidden someplace out there in the desert, and that it vented into (presumably) Hiram's old silver mine. I think there should be something to where Burt actually does manage to find and get into that lab. What kind of things might he find in there?
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Postby Mitsukara » Wed Jun 09, 2004 10:27 pm

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I strongly suspect Stampede meant to delve a little deeper into the mysteries of the old lab over time, if the Series had gone on- I mean, mixmaster on the loose is bad enough, but just look at 4-12! The green "ghost" cloud originated in the lab also, a dehydrating/freezing agent gone wrong. Even in Flora or Fauna, they mention that some of the DNA in the "plantimals" came from the lab. Who knows what they had lying around in there? Proudfoot certainly didn't succeed in stopping some of the nasty things that have leaked out of it....

Speaking of that mine, I like the way The Series tied into T4 in ways the audience didn't realize at first (T4 not having been out yet)- In Feeding Frenzy, Burt mentions that a lot of his money was in the form of silver bars kept in his house. Hmm... and then, of course, there's Harlow and Tecopa...

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