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My own idea for a Tremors 5

Postby Punisher Bass » Sun May 30, 2004 7:57 pm

This is a little idea of mine I've had for a while. I even started a little fan fiction based on it. Anyway this is my idea for a 5th movie. I know it would probably never happen by here it goes.

Burt invites Val, Earl, and Grady back to perfection for a little reunion of sorts. Val and Earl are a little weary of returning to Perfection because of history and especially since El Blonco is around now, but Grady is excited. After Burt convinces them to return, they are on their way.

Ronda and Val are the first to get into town. After meeting the new faces and seeing old friends they sit down to talk about what they've been doing for the last decade.

Later than night Earl and Kate roll in and do the same thing. While they sleep, out in the desert something rumbles around and it isn't El Blonco.

In the morning Grady arrvies with a bunch of Monster World crap in tow. He quickly learns he is not exactly wanted in town by Tyler after he tries to pick up Rosalita and fails.

From there it's the standard Tremors fair.

As for the monster, it would be something brand new. Not a new link in the life cycle, but a new oneoff hybrid caused by MixMaster. I don't have the final idea down yet, but I'm thinking something along the lines of a Graboid on steroids. Like armor plating, heat sense, stronger, faster, smarter, more vicious and it can get through rock.

I know this has a snowballs chance in hell of ever happening, but what's it hurt to dream?

So what do you guys think of my idea? I know it's not finished, but how's the outline?
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Postby Mitsukara » Mon May 31, 2004 8:59 pm

Sounds interesting... I don't know what the Stampede staff might have in mind at the moment for T5, but I for one would love to see a few old faces show up, if any of the actors really felt like it, of course. I like the newer "Series" characters, but it'd be really cool to see Val/Earl/etc. again, and to see how they do with monster stuff after all this time- and how they would respond to the newer residents of Perfection. I like your idea about Grady having a "thing" for Rosalita, and Tyler not liking that- he'd probably rather annoy Tyler. I bet him and Larry would get along great, though, to the chagrin of anybody who has the misfortune of being in the same room...

I can sort of imagine Rhonda and Casey Matthews working together, even though they sort of have different specialties in science... and Val and Tyler would probably like each other, whereas Earl would probably argue with him for the same sort of reasons he tends to argue with Val...

I don't mean this in any bad way, of course, but it'd also kind of be going back to the beginning in a way that they haven't been entirely able to until now- sort of having the whole community, such as they've survived until now, anyway, all back in one place.

Speaking of which, I'd personally love to see Jack show back up, too- his witless approach to things makes an interesting addition to the cast. Actually, while I'm on the subject of things that'll probably not be happening, what if there were a series still, and suppose he came back, and wanted to run the tour business again- but Tyler still depends on the business. Perhaps Jack hasn't been able to keep a job since Tremors 3, though... but as time goes on, he manages to work something else out. Perhaps he could permanently move back to Perfection, even- creating a little friendly (?) rivalry with Tyler, so to speak. Speaking of rivalry, one's also got to wonder what would happen, Jodi-wise, if Jack were around again...

As for the monster... it should, of course, be something more threatening than anything we've seen before- something that would catch everyone, even Burt, off guard- something that would take everyone's skills combined to even put a dent in. I don't know much about the science, but I've heard that it woouldn't work, but it might be interesting to see something that would be a combination of Graboids, Shriekers, and Assblasters- tunneling underground and flying, big, with tentacles, seeing heat, hearing, and feeling vibrations undeground- and able to reproduce by eating food, so there'd be dozens, hundreds of them. That'd be quite a threat...

Or maybe something stronger, as you suggest- with abilities none of the three 1/2 normal stages have... or maybe just one of something terrible, like one Graboid gone very, very bad... maybe it could be part chameleon, part flea with a super-tough exoskeleton, part rattlesnake with poison, part assblaster or something so it could fly, but also go throug the ground- but part shark or something, so it could go through water- able to rip through things. Maybe it could have 4-12's x-ray vision. Hmm...

It might also be interesting if El Blanco were of some actual help in defeating the monster again- like Tremors 3, or like you think is going to happen in Project 4-12.

Incidentally, The Key seemed to leave it's storylines pretty open, too... it felt like they meant to come back to the "Invisibat" thing (although I wouldn't be suprised if they never mention that again now- unless they had something big planned for it, which is entirely possible), but more importantly, the mobster storyline was a bit more open, I think, than one realizes watching it. Sure, Frank got in the car, and the guy pulled the gun on him... then the screen goes dark, and we hear a gunshot but don't see what happens? Hmm... and Larry still has the key, of course... but if a certain someone does ever show back up in Perfection, he should come back with a far more extravagent plan- something a lot bigger and badder than a manipulative partner and a sound-wave gun.

Of course, they might have to explain something of what happened in Hit and Run and The Key, if they were to decide to come back to that in a movie- maybe Burt and the gang could bring it up when they're talking with the visiting Val/Earl/etc., and it could be a side story alongside the new monster.

One has to wonder, though, how much we'll see of the other graboid stages again. So far, besides El Blanco, we've seen Graboids 5 times (T1, T2, T3, T4, and A Little Paranoia Among Friends), Shriekers 4 times, (T2, T3, Night of the Shriekers, Shriek and Destroy), Assblasters only twice (T3 and Meschershmitt in Blast from the Past), and baby Graboids once (T4). Would T5 incorperate some or all of these? El Blanco should be around, assuming it's set in Perfection... and I think he should still be a threat in the background to be worked around, like in T3 and The Series...

As to mixmaster, I think it'd be really cool to come back to it, personally, as long as they explained it well, and if it only played a part in things, and the main threat came from Graboids/etc. I like the idea of a Graboid-esque mixmaster mutation... I find it far too convenient that it works on nearly everything (besides humans), and the only cases we've seen of Graboid stages in Perfection since it's unveiling were one group of Shriekers that were quickly defeated and released from a controlled, secure experiment, Meshershmitt (who didn't reproduce), and El Blanco, who can't reproduce. You get a group of wild Shriekers loose in perfection for a while, and they eat many wild animals (in Night of the Shriekers they mostly ate their seeds and people...), and who knows what might happen...
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Postby benny_the_graboid_slayer » Mon May 31, 2004 11:55 pm

A wanna see Mindy & Grady get together. Or even a guest appearence from Bruce Campbell as Earl's younger brother.
Punisher Bass
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Postby Punisher Bass » Tue Jun 01, 2004 8:37 am

I'm glad to see some positive feedback. :)

As for El Blonco, I was thinking that the new monster would actually kill/eat El Blonco at some point. That would esablish the new monster as an even more serious threat and it could expand the Melvin taking over Perfection storyline.

I seriously doubt this will ever see the light of day other than my own fan fic. Mostly because of the budget. I applaud Stampeed for making these movies on increasingly shirnking budgets. It's like Universal says "Ok let's see just how much movie they can make with as little money as possible". I hope if there does turn out to be a T5, that they are given a decent ammount of movie finally.

Also about Burt, I'd like to see him get a little closer to his Bad Ass roots. By that I mean he needs his giant gun collection back along with his house. He's toned down a little over the course of T3 and the series. Also is it just me or does Burt look more and more like Tony Clifton (Watch Man On The Moon and you'll know who I mean) when he has sun glasses on?

And finally, I'd like to see more cussing. I know there are a lot of kids who are fans, but it's been toned down too much over the years. Lets see something more along the lines of T1.
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Aquatic graboids

Postby black-Flame » Thu Jun 03, 2004 5:58 pm

I'm hoping that Tremors 5 will reveal an aquatic species of graboids! :D
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Postby GreenStripe » Thu Jun 03, 2004 8:57 pm

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Postby RCG » Sun Jun 06, 2004 9:55 am

linx05 wrote:Please, no more mutations. Let's not go too far from what Stampede-Entertainment built it's company on - Graboids.

Your right, graboids for the movies, and save the mutts for TV.
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Postby TG » Thu Jun 10, 2004 9:41 am

I like the story idea,except for one thing-
the new Graboid.
Tremors introduced the Graboid,
T-2 the Shreiker and
T-3 the Ass Blasters and El Blanco.
Isn't that enough?I think it would be good to have smarter versions of all the monsters-somebody usually mentions in each of the films that Graboids get smarter,the Shreikers kinda did in T-2,why no the Ass Blasters?(Though I think they could come up with a more inventive name...)
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Postby winghound » Thu Jun 10, 2004 1:40 pm

I like what black flame had to say... currently I've been thinking about that myself today. (What else do I have to do while doing my 'paper work'.)

As for mix master, you do have to realize that if the 5th film is set in perfection with the current story line it'd have to be introduced at one point or another, be it a new monster or at least burt saying to Val and Earl (if they do come back of course) "I bet you boys havent even heard about the giant shrimp that we had to take care of."

Also there's been something that I've been thinking of... Graboids are pre-cambrian life forms, (older than dinosaurs), so after that long period of time there had to have been a split in the species somewhere. Perhaps a sublte variant of shriekers and AB's (like bigger or thicker plating) or possibly aquatic versions (like black flame mentioned.) Keep the basics of the creatures while giving them subtle edges over the origional favorites.

AS FOR KILLING EL BLANCO... THAT IS A DEFINITE NO WAY. If that happens Melvin gets the valley and we dont want to see that happening... EVER.

If people think things through there'll be endless possibilities with the species and with the characters we all know and love.
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