george lucas vs graboid

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george lucas vs graboid

Postby stampede » Thu Jun 23, 2005 7:34 am

I wish I was paying more attention but alas I was falling asleep ( have insomnia)- but on Monday they had an American Film Institute tribute to George Luca honoring his movies and also honoring how his techniques and studio helped other movies today with their special effects. Well they were showing a clip from a movie (that's what I don't remember) but it showed a figure changing into different creatures and one of them looked a lot like a graboid bursting up from the ground. I checked some people I know who may have watched this show, but could find no one. Did anyone see it or possible be able to tell me if they saw a movie like this. No going on on how I'm crazy, but I did see it and it was a creature developed from his stuidio for a non george lucas movie- Thanks

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