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FanTalk rebuilt after server crash

Postby webmaster » Sun May 02, 2004 7:17 pm

Hello Tremors Fans,

As FanTalk regulars may have noticed, this board and the in fact the entire Stampede site was missing for a couple of days. Well we had complete server crash and have had to do an emergency server switch.

In all of the confusion, the recovery of our database backup file from the old server has not been a priority with the web hosting company. To get the board back on the web as quickly as possible I had to use my last backup which was done shortly after the system went online and was known to be stable. Unfortunately, we lost two months worth of wonderful posts from all of our dedicated fans.

Most of you will need to set up your FanTalk user accounts again. Sorry for the extra trouble.

I am still in hopes that at some point our old server database will be recovered but it may be some time (if ever) before they get it to us. Sorry Tremors fans, that one is out of my hands. I hated to see that data go as much as you do. From now on, I will be more like Burt... I will have a backup backup.

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